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Multiple layers. Different plastics. Co-extruded. Poly-blends.

Many products are complex, use virgin materials and are difficult to recycle.

Our graphene nanocomposites provide a host of benefits with one technology solution:


Improved properties
with less virgin plastic.

Enhanced recyclability.

Minimal disruption to existing workflows.

Let's take some examples...

Use Cases
Image by Sam Epodoi

Fuel Lines & Containers

Virgin polyamides, polyethylene, often combined in component.

Require high barrier properties and toughness. Multiple polymers used to solve this problem. Poor recyclability and no recycled material typically used. 

Image by Tyler Nix

Textile and Filaments

Virgin polyesters, elastane and other synthetic blends.

Elastane is blended with polyester to create stretch. This compromises recyclability of the polyester. 

If you think you have a plastic problem, you're not alone. Let's solve it together. 

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